Friday, January 25, 2013

Altered items

Hello World, 

I  have been a busy little bee over the past few days on a right altering kick. It has taken me a while to do each project even the small ones due to the fact I am having a week where I just can not settle to do anything.I was up at 6 30 the other morning making trifle . . . .  bare in mind I don't go to bed till gone 3 am . . .  Its one of the down sides of Bi polar as I have mentioned, and even though I cant sleep I have not got a ton of energy to even make my extra waking hours useful, nor am I getting the pleasure from crafting that I do on a good day. How ever I do force my self to try and do something as I find crafting to be very therapeutic over all.

Altered Jar. 
This was probably the most useful item I have done this week as not only is it cute but it is also practical. Not sure what I will store in it yet but the plan is there to make a lot more of them as I empty jars and use them. Do you keep jars for storage? If so what do you keep in yours?  

Altered spool ( made from a loo roll more below) 

Altered paper bag. 
This is just a normal paper lunch bag or the kind you can get from a fruit and veg shop back home in the UK.  It's taken me a while to have a go at these but once I got into it I have done a few. I think this one is my favorite. They are a great idea instead of wrapping paper and can be made to be a lot more personal. 

Altered spools. 
As I mentioned above these are made from toilet roll tubes. I love the idea of recycling or upcycling as it is called in the crafting world. Taking something that would normally be thrown away and using it. I need to try and do it more often if I am honest I am sure I throw far to much out. These are so effective for storing lace and ribbon on as well as looking pretty. And we all know every craft room should be full of pretties on display. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a large bowl to put these in. 

Altered canvas. 
I had a few cogs sprockets, gears, screws and nuts from .crafty-emblies I wanted to use. this is what I came up with. My own version of shabby chic meets steampunk. I re purposed an old canvas board I had used in the past but hadn't liked how it had turned out. Gave it a coat of gesso and away we went with the acylic paint and decorating. I am pleased with it and I think the little doves make a nice change. If you have not heard of .crafty-emblies pop along to there store via the clicky link. Just click on their name in this post and it will take you straight there.

Well I think that is about it for now hope you are all keeping well and I will be back soon 


xx A xx

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