Tuesday, February 12, 2013

busy busy busy

I am so sorry it has been a while but things have been pretty busy here for me and I have some exciting news to share. 

Firstly I am now a graphic designer for the wonderful company known as crafty-emblies. If you have not checked out there wooden embellishments and alterable items you really need too. They are a family owned and ran company and work from home.All designing is done by husband and wife team and they have very kindly recently added me to the team. Pete also does all the cutting. 

I also managed to get over to visit one of my closest friends Tracy in Scotland last week. We had a great relaxing time and I managed to get a new tattoo done while there to cover up a nasty one, that lets say was not done to the best standad. It wasnt to painful only my ankle briuised and my god is the foot itchy where it is scabbing over, man it is hard not to scratch lol. We also did some shopping and I am all set for my operation pre op is in 2 days time woohoo I am soooo excited xx 

Tracy and I did a relive the 80's night with our hair and make up and once she has sent me the pictures i will share them with you all i will say is dont spit ya coffee out when u see them but we had a right laugh with it. I turned Tracy into a Boy George fan is all I am going to say. 

Right guys I have to sign off I will be back this week with some crafty bits and bobs and the 80's make over photos. 

Love to u all xxxxxx


  1. whoop whoop another nutter added to crafty emblies !! loves you chic and your work is amazing xx

  2. Hahaha yep the 80's makeup night was a laugh. Must email the pics once I get the email up and running again. :) miss ya loads xx