Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today is a good day and my top 5 tips to avoid online drama

One of the downsides to suffering with Bi-polar is the way it messes with your sleep. At the moment I am not going to bed till 5-6am and i am up again by no later than 10am . . . let me tell you it makes you feel like shite but you cant shut off to sleep.I take mood stabilizing drugs aswell as anti depresents on a daily basis but sometime there does not seem to be much of a benefit with the highs.
A good thing though it means I get to do lots of crafting and have time to work on my journals and the blog plus post videos to You tube. And I have been doing alot of all this. Even to the point that I got to play Sherlock Holmes. You know the saying give them enough rope and they can hang them selves . . .  well put it this way there is nothing wrong with me supplying the rope and even tying the knot is there lol !?!? 

One thing I have noticed and I am sure we have obviously personally seen nutters, leeches, con artists and ass kissers come and go in the past and at the moment there is a lot of this going on via the craft community on you tube . . .  one channel in particular comes to mind. I do have a couple of words to say on the matter though. 

My top 5 tips to avoiding drama and hurt online.
  1. Never listen to just one side of the story. There is always 3 sides, yours, mine and the truth . . . take what you see or hear with a pinch of salt. 
  2. Be very careful with how much personal information you give to people. It is easy to get to know someone on line but 9 times out of ten what your seeing  is their online persona and this is different to the real person. 
  3. look at the evidence you can see for yourself. If someone is saying that people are turning on them all the time ask your self why. Is it really everyone else's fault or do they know something your  not privy too?
  4. be careful what opinions you voice on public forums. We are all entitled to our own opinions but we dont have to hurt people to voice them.
  5. Watch out for misrepresentations . . . there is a big difference between putting in a custom order for something and working together to develop or be in partnership with to develop ideas etc. 

I am due to have another tattoo done next month,. I am starting my leg piece. It is to cover up a badly done tattoo, which was one of my first ones. 
This is the drawing that the tattooist has come up with so far and once it is on my leg it will have some more swirls added going down onto my foot and round my leg with some butterfly's.

Well I think that may be enough of my share for the time being I need to get on and do some bits and bobs and I REALLY must get my  craft space organized i must i must i must 

much love and fairy kisses 

A  xx


  1. I hear you sister! The drama is getting out of hand for sure. I do somethimes find myself getting pulled in. But then I realize it stops me from getting my stuff done!
    I am happy to meet you - been following you on YouTube for a while - just new to your blog. I love to hear you on your videos. I am English (Derbyshire) and have been in the US since '88. It has been a long road with lots of ups and downs, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else now. Miss my Mum and Uncle Les, and my Brother-in-law and his family, but that's about it!
    I hope you water woes are resolved quickly.

    1. Hi Julie,
      you are right the drama is getting out of hand and is also getting far to personal in some places. it is hard not to get sucked in but its not worth the hassle lol. happy to meet you too! So what took you to the usa? I know what you mean about missing family, i am only a two hour flight away but still only manage it once a yr xx

  2. Amen and hallelujah to that. Moahaha. You crack me up wifey. And it is all so very very true.

  3. well said vicky and i love your new tattoo you will have to so use when you have it done ,my son shane as both off his arm done
    take care hugs linda