Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Insert witty title here

 It has been a rough few days I can tell ya. Our water tank attached to the pump split . . . we have no idea why. I tell you what though, you dont realise just how much water you use until you have none. 

Thank goodness for snow is all I can say on the matter. 

And yes we now have a new tank WOOHOO!!!

I am slowly working on an altered box for my mum. It was meant to be her Christmas present but what with one thing or another towards the later half of 2012 it never got finished in time. It now has feet and some pearl trim around the base and is coming together pretty well. 

My craft studio on the other hand is not coming together at all. It looks like a bomb has gone off, the tattoo machine is buried in a draw my tattoo chair really needs to find a new home as it is not good in the craft studio. And yes before you ask I have not been doing tattoo's I so need to get this done and sterilized again and finish hubbies arm.

10 Facts about me. 

  1. Hubbie is my second marriage although he was my one true love who i met when i was 14. Hey we all make alot of mistakes along the road but it is what makes us the fab people we are today. 
  2. I am a member of a website called Suicide girls. No it is not a site about suicide it is a site based on alternative life styles tattoos, piercings, sexuality it is a viberant place to be. 
  3. I have 4 huskys. . .  2 adults mum and dad and 2 male pups who are 6 months old. 
  4. I suffer with bi polar disorder and Poly cystic ovarian syndrom. These 2 illness's can be very emotionally draining for the sufferer and those around them. Unfortunatly one of the side effects of the PCOS is infertility. 
  5. I am english and my husband is norwegian. We live in Eastern Norway about an hour away from the Swedish boarder. 
  6. I am only 5ft 3 inches tall which let me tell you can be a right royal pain in the but. The top shelf in the kitchen cupboard is  out of bounds for me. My legs are so short that some chairs and sofas i cant touch the floor on. 
  7. I use to live and work in Egypt and Corsica.
  8. I am an active member of youtube, a twitter and instagram.
  9. I am known by many names some are not polite enough to mention. But I am known as princess tinkerbell, naked in norway, sticky vicky and athanasios. Behind each one is a story. 
  10. I have 11 tattoos and another on in the planning stage.

you can find me on twitter under Athanasios. 
youtube Athanasios vabakken

hope to see you there soon

much love and Crafty hugs 


  1. Love the facts about you, have to ask what the naked in norway is all about lol, do tell - im a shortie as well and when i sit on the sofa i cant touch the floor, its not us its the stupid sofa making people :) loving the box, thats gonna be gorjuss when its finished x

    1. its a very embarressing story hun, put it this way i hate wearing clothes and was not very careful doing a video one time lol
      I am so glad i am not the only short arse lol i like the idea about it being the sofa makers who ar ein the wrong lol xx