Saturday, January 12, 2013

the weekend is here woohoo

Well Hello Friends,  

To my new followers why thank you for taking the time to find me and drop by and say Hi it means a lot. 

I would like to get one thing out there from the start though, this blog is not just about crafts nor is it just about life I wanted a place I could mix it up and share exactly what was on my mind at the same time, sharing my crafty things, tutorials, ideas etc etc. 

I do not monitor comments and let people express them selves  how ever they wish, if someone else decides they want to use a curse word or two in a comment to ME then that's fine so long as it is not to strong or they are not being negative or aiming it at someone in a negative manner. Where has this all come from well I got a very judgemental and negative comment left for me by someone who had an issue with a comment someone else had left which used a curse word. So I just wanted to  make my stand point clear so as to not offend people. In my opinion the posts by me are what you guys are hear to read, comments left on a blog are for the blog owner, if you choose to read them that's down to you. We are as we do in our off line lives going to come across things we don't agree with or share the same view point on so just forget and move on is my advice.

I GOT  CRAFTY      can you believe it, I know I cant lol AND I have even been doing some working on the organizing of my junk to be sorted corner. I managed to sort through and house 2 boxes, clear the floor over there and empty a draw in my storage unit . . . where did it all go I hear you ask . . .  well some is in a big black garbage bag and some has gone in a box for my Youtube give away if I reach 500 subbies by the end of Jan. 

While I was sorting things out clearing my tables etc I also managed to start 3 little projects. 2 altered note books and an altered canvas. The small altered notebook will go in with a birthday present and the altered canvas is for a friend who is being tested to the limit at the moment just to let  them know they are thought about. they have had some testing years and know all about strength. 

Well thats it for today I think. Hope you look forward to the finished results I think I will be ready to share them over the next few days. And maybe even get a room tour done, well that is if I can motivate  myself to finish it lol.

Have a good weekend and stay safe and warm.

Love and crafty wishes

xx A xx

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